KPI-JCI and Astec Mobile Screens Release New SuperStacker

KPI-JCI and Astec Mobile Screens released the new generation SuperStacker, its latest model of telescoping stackers designed to minimize stockpile segregate and increase stockpile capacity. The new SuperStacker was launched at the company’s National Dealer Conference, held Sept. 16-19 in Eugene, Ore., and attended by Rock Products.

SuperStackers are essential to building a desegregated stockpile and ensuring product quality, the company said. “In-spec” material prevents costly expenses associated with reprocessing materials, saving producers what’s most important: time and money. By controlling the extension of the stinger conveyor, radial travel and conveyor incline, layered windrows will be built, minimizing stockpile segregation.

Desegregated stockpiling means suppliers produce more material that matches specification, resulting in no re-blending and less discounting, said Product Manager Jodi Heirigs.

The new SuperStacker eliminates the chain, which reduces field maintenance. The new model also features an updated, more user-friendly Wizard Touch automation control system, which allows for more stockpiling options and produces a higher-quality product. The easy-to-use automation system comes with factory pre-set programming, and provides the versatility of customizing in the field.

Through its innovative design, the SuperStacker allows 30 percent more stockpile in the same footprint versus a conventional stacker, optimizing storage space.

The KPI-JCI and Astec Mobile Screens’ SuperStacker includes as standard a “cam-arm” linkage, connecting the rear undercarriage to the conveyor frame. This maintains a constant radius from the pivot plate to the axle, ensuring true radial movement and uninterrupted stockpiling.

KPI-JCI and Astec Mobile Screens’ engineers know that efficiency and productivity is vital to profitability. The SuperStacker is one of the quickest and easiest telescoping stackers to pack up and move to the next operation. The gullwing axle provides optimal portability, going from road portable to operational in minutes.

“Our SuperStacker is not just high-performing and easy to use, but durable as well,” Heirigs said. “By choosing the SuperStacker, our customers will save significant amounts of time, which in turn saves them money and increases their profitability.”

KPI-JCI and Astec Mobile Screens, 

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