Cat Multi-Terrain Loaders for Multiple Uses

Caterpillar offers three Multi-Terrain Loaders (MTLs) that feature a completely new cab with designs that enhance operator comfort and control; new lift-arm design for improved sight lines; and increased engine performance for greater productivity.

Larger frame models are the 277D and 287D that feature an electronically controlled 3.3-liter engine that meets Tier 4 Final (Stage IIIB) emissions standards. The Cat C3.3B engine provides 74 hp (55 kW) with 8 percent more torque and 6 percent improved fuel economy compared to the previous models.

Cat MTL models continue to feature torsion-axle suspensions to isolate their track-roller frames from the chassis, providing a smooth ride for the operator and absorbing shock loads that otherwise would be transmitted to the frame and drive components.

The 277D and 287D MTL models also feature a second level of suspension with torsion-axle mounting of the roller bogie wheels, which enables greater ground contact path for increased traction and flotation as well as enhanced ride quality. Cat CTLs feature durable, steel embedded track and steel undercarriage components for maximum life in aggressive applications.


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