E-Book a Primer For Frac Sand Discovery

Brandon DeShaw, founder and lab director for Global Energy Laboratories, a Butte, Mont.-based proppant testing firm serving the hydraulic fracturing industry, has published a free e-book entitled titled “Finding Frac Sand: How to Determine if You Have Hydraulic Fracturing Sand.”

“We are the leader for helping sand explorers figure out whether their sand is high enough quality to be sold as frac sand,” DeShaw said.

The book features short chapters titled:

  • Do you have frac sand?
  • Sieve Analysis.
  • Sphericity and Roundness.
  • Test Acid Solubility Test.
  • Turbidity Test.
  • Crush Resistance Test.
  • Conductivity Test.
  • How to get affordable testing for your sand.

For more information on the free book, go to: www.GlobalEnergyLaboratories.com.

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