NSSGA Kicks Off Awards Program

NSSGA’s safety, environmental and community relations awards program has kicked off, according to the association.

The awards program began accepting entries on Sept. 4 with a deadline of Oct. 2 for Safety, Environmental and Community Relations applications and nominations. Late applications will be accepted through Oct. 16 but entries will be charged an extra $100 late fee. Late fees do not apply to Safety Awards.

NSSGA fully believes that many of its member companies – small, medium or large operations – currently follow best practices in safety, community relations and environmental stewardship. “The Excellence Awards are more than a chance for you to be congratulated by your peers at NSSGA’s Annual Convention. They provide proof – a golden chance – to show to your neighbors, local government and public at large that you are responsible and caring members of your communities,” NSSGA said.

Awards include:

  • NSSGA Excellence in Sustainability Award.
  • Environmental Leadership Award.
  • James M. Christie Safety and Health Professional of the Year Award.

Producer members can apply for awards through the online application process located on the Awards Homepage. For more information, go to www.nssga.org.

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