WEG Electric Variable Speed Drive Software Reduces System Operation

WEG now offers its new Pump Genius Software for its CFW-11 variable speed drive. This process-control software manages and monitors up to six pumps in a coordinated system. Pump Genius can operate motors from 5 to 150 hp in the 208 and 230/240 VAC range and motors from 5 up to 600 hp in the 480 VAC range.

The Pump Genius software is designed to reduce system operation and maintenance costs while increasing process accuracy and protection. The software provides control and protection as well as management of cycle hours and master and slave designation. It also monitors and controls system pressure or flow with available faults and alarms referencing low and high set points.

Pump Genius software monitors the operating hours of all the pumps in the system, adding and subtracting pumps as demand changes, all without the need for setting a cycle timer. This feature ensures equal pump run times without supervision.

Another key feature is the ability to have a floating master and slave rather than the traditional system of fixed master and slave pumps. Pump Genius automatically senses if the master is not responding due to sensor loss or other fault condition and assigns another pump to become the master, maintaining operational continuity at all times during the process. The transition between master drives is done in a totally bump less manner without disturbing the process.

The CFW-11 VSD with Pump Genius software also monitors and alarms system, motor and drive faults, which will alert the operator to a potential problem. The drives are available in various sizes, from 2 to 600 hp and include its proven user friendly graphic key pad HMI with its large character graphics and read out.

In addition, all CFW-11’s have a built-in DC link reactors which help mitigate the harmonic output on the AC line. They also have intelligent thermal-management features that provide automatic cooling to the internal components of the drive.

WEG Electric, www.weg.net 

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