Protect Your Conveyors With Impact Cradle Beds

There are two new cradle beds out on the market designed to alleviate material-handling issues on conveyors.

A new high-speed impact cradle designed by Martin Engineering reduces roller and frame damage from heavy conveyor-loading conditions in mining, coal handling, aggregates and other applications involving dense materials and/or high volumes. The EVO High Speed Impact Cradle is engineered to withstand brutal operating conditions, reducing roller failures and service requirements.

One customer estimates that the new cradles paid for themselves in just the first week of service at the company’s facility, due to the savings in maintenance and downtime. “Under high-volume conditions, standard OEM impact idlers in the load zone simply can’t withstand heavy loads and lengthy drops, costing downtime for repairs as well as the expense of replacement components,” said Martin Engineering Service Technician Doug Brown.

The new cradles use Martin Engineering’s Trac-mount technology to slide in and out easily for maintenance. The modular components are light enough to be removed by hand, without using a crane or other equipment to handle them.

The innovative load zone design uses an elastomer bar suspension system that absorbs and distributes the material load being transferred, greatly reducing the stress on the idlers’ rolling components and support structure.

One patent-pending design innovation is the use of connecting brackets near the top of the idler frame to hold the three rollers together. These special brackets are designed to allow multiple modular cradles to be tied together, so that the idlers throughout the entire load zone work together as a system.

“This cradle is simple to install, and the easy access to the center roller makes the maintenance a one-person

job,” Brown added. “In addition to greater durability, it’s intentionally designed to facilitate service, making the task of changing rollers safer and easier.”

ASGCO Impact Cradle Bed
Another product new to the market is ASGCO’s Impact Cradle Bed, which is designed to protect the conveyor belt from impact damage from large rocks, tramp metal, roof bolts or bucket teeth that can put a stop to operations.

“Our modular style impact beds provide impact protection for the conveyor belt, as well as a tool to help control spillage in the conveyor-loading zone,” the company said. “The Impact Cradle Beds support the conveyor belt across the entire width using our unique semi-U-shaped design that eliminates any unsupported areas between the rollers or bars on traditional impact idlers or traditional impact beds where typical damage can occur in the idler junction points.”

Features include:
■ No pinch point or idler junction area ­–
utilizing 17.5-degree bars for 35-degree idler systems; 10-degree bars for 20-degree idler systems and 22.5-degree bars for 45-degree idler systems.
■ With heavy-duty steel designed frame-
work and impact bars that are manufactured with absorbent, 40-durometer rubber, the product can take the shock of large material.
■ Cradles can be manufactured in 2-ft. (600 mm), 3-ft. (900 mm), 4-ft. (1,200 mm) or 5-ft. (1,500 mm) long, depending upon the size of the material impact area.

Available in either standard duty (1,000 ft.-lb.) or mine duty (2,000 ft.-lb.) of impact.
Martin Engineering,;

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