Martin Marietta Quarry Seeks Expansion

According to the Berkeley Independent, Martin Marietta Materials wants to expand the operations of its Jamestown, S.C., quarry. Local residents have expressed concerns about safety issues regarding the truck traffic this operation will produce and the way the trucks are driven.

More than 50 property owners and town residents met at the Martin Marietta meeting room on the site of its Jamestown quarry on July 18 to meet with company officials and voice their concerns about the planned expansion.

Corporate officials from Martin Marietta’s home office in Raleigh were on hand to address concerns and answer questions. Vice President of Natural Resources and Environmental Services Paxton Badham gave a presentation about the company’s planned quarry expansion and tried to assuage concerns about damage caused by dynamiting.

Badham explained that the company has instituted a 300-ft. blasting buffer that no charges will be set or limestone mined within 300 ft. of the nearest structure not on Martin Marietta property.

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