Technology Provides Test Results for All Lubricants in Minutes

On-Site Analysis Inc. (OSA) has invested more than $23 million dollars in research and development to pioneer the automation of the fluids testing process, according to the company. This has enabled OSA to move fluids testing out of the laboratory to the customer’s location where timely results can be critical to heading off equipment failure.

The result is the OSA4 MicroLab. Now, by just selecting the “start” command, all levels of service personnel can do sophisticated diagnostic testing for all types of lubricants in less than 12 minutes.

The OSA4MicroLab uses proprietary technology and advanced software analytics to instantly capture data about a sample, compare it to ASTM testing standards, identify the lubricant’s condition, and if contaminants are found, send the operator warning alerts and actionable next-step advice.

For businesses currently sending 50 to 75 tests a month to independent laboratories, the capital costs of the OSA4 MicroLab pay out in a few months and generate on-going savings in costs per test. For large customers, OSA analyzers have reduced their maintenance costs by millions of dollars annually.

The OSA4MicroLab contains an infrared spectrometer, built-in dual temperature viscometer, and integrated particle-counter, so all types of lubricants can be tested from engine oil to fluids for hydraulics, transmissions, power steering, gearboxes, differentials and generators.

This advanced analyzer can identify the presence of up to 20 metals, measures physical property levels for fuel dilution, glycol, nitration, oxidation, soot (diesel engines only), and water, as well as identifies the test fluid’s Total Base Number (TBN). All of this functionality is self-contained in a table-top console that has an amazingly small footprint of 24- x 24-in.

Will Willis, CEO of On-Site Analysis, Inc., remarks that, “The introduction of the MicroLab reflects just how far our company has come since our early days as a testing laboratory. In 1987, we realized that by the time lab test results were returned to our customers, the equipment was half way across the country, or had broken down. Now, needed repairs can be identified while the equipment is still in the service bay. And, our equipment is so compact and reliable, customers in the mining industry and oil-rig operators use it in remote locations all over the world.”

On-Site Analysis Inc.,