Dredge Features Modular Design For Portability

Available in either diesel or electric power, the DSC Shark Class cutter suction dredge features a conventional dredge-operating configuration with a modular design for ease of transportation. With standard discharge sizes ranging from 10 in. to 36 in. (250 mm to 900 mm), it is ideal for sand and gravel producers and construction contractors.

Its rugged design offers the full features of larger dredges in an exceptionally portable design. The proven reliability of the Shark Class cutter suction dredge design typically results in a higher percentage of operational time as well as often exceeds the typical lifespan of other dredges within the same class.

The DSC Shark Class cutter suction dredge features a PLC-based operating system, electro-proportional hydraulic circuits, high-capacity service water system and an in-line direct marine-style transmission for dredge pump reduction. An ergonomic, user-friendly control panel makes the unit very simple to operate. The Shark Class dredge also features power up/down spud systems with API-rated winch drums for proper cable storage.

In addition to these premium features that maximize operational efficiency and longevity, every Shark Class dredge customer benefits from DSC Dredge’s ability to customize each standard production model to fit exact applications and production requirements. These include extended digging depths, production instrumentation and GPS dredging systems.

The company also provides customers throughout the world with intensive and professional on-site commissioning and operational training ensuring rapid deployment while DSC Dredge’s automation skills, experienced service capabilities and parts availability have established the company as a global leader in high-performance dredging equipment.

DSC Dredge, www.dscdredge.com

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