Flowmax from Unifed Crushing and Screening

Flowmax from Unifed Crushing and Screening is an extremely adaptable screening system, offering either a modular tension mat or a permanent, flat deck solution.

Flowmax Modules are 12- x 24-in.long, allowing the best use of available area in conjunction with optimum efficiency in replacement and maintenance. No matter which installation option you choose, Flowmax offers a universal, patented fastening method, providing substantial locking area. There are no pins, plugs or other loose parts required. Modules are interchangeable from one type of installation to another.

Benefits of Flowmax Polyurethane:

  • Comparable Cost – Polyurethane screening surfaces can last a minimum of 15 times the life of wire cloth.
  • Reduced Plugging and Blinding – Polyurethane has exceptional resilience, which helps eliminate plugging and blinding in most cases. Tapered apertures allow a clean break away of material after passing through the opening.
  • Greater Production throughput – Flowmax systems outperform other polyurethane systems’ production from 5 to 25 percent due to an increase in percent of open area.
  • Varity of Material Compounds – Flowmax Modules are available in polyester, polyether and rubber compounds ensuring the correct surface for your demanding application.

Unifed Crushing and Screening, www.unifiedscreening.com

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