Engine Oil for Mining Applications

Chevron Products Co., a Chevron U.S.A. Inc. division, maker of the Delo brand of technologically advanced engine oils, lubricants and coolants, highlights the performance of Delo 400 Multigrade SAE 15W-40 by using the example of a mining operation – the ASARCO Ray copper mine – in Arizona.

Delo 400 Multigrade SAE 15W-40 is a premium-quality engine oil designed for pre-2007 engines and higher sulfur fuels (> 500 ppm sulfur). With exceptional soot dispersancy and wear control, Delo 400 Multigrade SAE 15W-40 protects cylinders, pistons, rings, and injectors against wear and corrosion, providing optimum service life and minimal maintenance.

ASARCO’s Ray copper mine operates a fleet of 39 haul trucks, 21 of which are Liebherr T 282s. These 400-ton ultra-class trucks have 3,600-hp engines and operate 22 hours a day, seven days a week, in some of the Southwest’s harshest conditions. Given the negative financial impact of equipment complications, ASARCO has implemented a preventative maintenance program that includes the use of Delo 400 Multigrade SAE 15W-40 diesel engine oil.

After inspecting one of the facility’s 20V MTU 4000 engines that had delivered 21,900 hours of service with 500 hour drain intervals, the engine components were found to be in “excellent conditions.” The combination of the MTU engine, with good maintenance practices, and the use of Delo 400 Multigrade allowed ASARCO to increase engine life and achieve significant cost savings per engine per year.

Chevron’s Delo product family includes engine oils, premium lubricants and extended life coolants that provide premium performance and bottom-line value for diesel powered vehicles.

All Delo products are covered under the Delo Warranty Plus program, which provides bumper-to-bumper protection against lubricant and coolant related failures as described in the Delo Warranty.

Chevron Products Co., www.ChevronDelo.com

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