Boart Longyear Expands Down-the-Hole Bit Offering

Boart Longyear expanded its down-the-hole (DTH) bit options by releasing 18 new product configurations that are compatible with more than 26 third-party DTH hammers. These additions enhance the list of Boart Longyear percussive bits that can fit third-party DTH hammers.

“We designed the new DTH bits after receiving an increase in requests for our technology to fit multiple DTH hammers that have recently come into the market,” said Jay Klinko, senior product manager for Boart Longyear. “By adding these bits to our rock drill and blast product offerings, we have created one of the most comprehensive lists of DTH bit options in the marketplace.”

The DTH bit body incorporates premium hardened steel alloy, which improves shank wear resistance and manages bit body wash. Multiple tungsten carbide button insert designs provide exceptional durability by allowing for multiple re-sharpening while delivering optimized penetration rates.

The new DTH bit shaft configurations offer a combination of different spline counts, diameters and lengths. Optional foot valves can be added when required.

Multiple face designs, including flat, recessed and dome, can be changed to match the various ground conditions for improved productivity. Boart Longyear has developed bits with a wide range of gauge diameters and flushing hole geometries to provide the right design for the application. Utilizing long-standing bit design strategies, the new DTH bit offering is sure to provide a durable solution for increased efficiency.

Boart Longyear,


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