ABB Expands Power Range Of ACS 2000 Medium Voltage Drive

The ACS 2000, ABB’s active front-end drive for general purpose applications, is now available with higher power capabilities, up to 3000 hp, according to the company.

Developed with the latest drive technologies, the ACS 2000 is ideal for general purpose applications where a medium voltage installation is required, such as pumps, fans, blowers and conveyors. Users across many industries, including water, wastewater, power, cement, mining and HVAC, can all derive significant energy savings as well as more reliable process control while benefiting from the drive’s compact, lightweight design.

The ACS 2000’s direct-to-line connection means it’s transformerless, resulting in a small footprint for space-sensitive applications. The design is packed with innovative technology such as a high voltage IGBT–based active front end and patented multi-level switching topology, providing both line and load friendly operation. The ACS 2000 design provides near sinusoidal current and voltage waveforms making the drive compatible for use with standard NEMA rated motors.

Building on Success
The installed base for the ACS 2000 of both 4kV and 6kV ratings continues to expand in nearly every country in the world with the release of the third 4kV frame size. In addition to the expansion in power ratings, additional pre-engineered options such as a fused input contactor with disconnect and an auxiliary-power transformer, have been added to the product line.

“In working with many customers in the field, we’ve found areas to enhance our offering, such as adding a configurable disconnect that can provide a further integrated solution,” said Jeff Peterson, Central Region sales manager, Drives and Controls. “Our scalable approach to the ACS 2000 is more than just increasing our power range, but giving customers further flexibility while leveraging a tried and true technology platform.”

Matched Performance
The ACS 2000 medium voltage drive is a natural fit with ABB’s Baldor-Reliance medium voltage motor range. “Our motors and drives have been tested and matched in an optimally packaged solution for rotating machines and intelligent control,” said Johan Karlsson, managing director of ABB’s large motor and generator business in the United States. “Very few companies can offer a singular solution that gives the customer a high quality motor-drive package from one supplier, manufacturing both products right here in the United States.”

ABB’s New Berlin, Wis., facility is the R&D, manufacturing and testing hub for the ACS 2000 serving the global 4kV market, in its newly expanded power range. The test infrastructure for the ACS 2000 includes ABB motors, transformers, switchgear and control system architecture. “We wanted to maximize what this infrastructure could do,” said Paul Nolden, local product group manager, MV Drives US. “Automated test configurations and late stage assembly are made possible by the tremendous capability of ABB’s power and automation product offering.”

The operational efficiency at the New Berlin facility is further improved by utilizing the regenerative capability of the ACS 2000 to feed energy back to the grid, recovering around 80 percent, drastically reducing the carbon footprint of the entire test system.



In working with many customers in the field, we’ve found areas to enhance our offering, such as adding a configurable disconnect that can provide a further integrated solution.

-Jeff Peterson, Central Region sales manager, Drives and Controls

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