IBUILDROADS.COM Marks First Anniversary Online

A leading online, interactive forum for the highway, road and bridge community – ibuildroads.com – marked its first year of operation June 8.

ibuildroads.com provides a gathering place where the accumulated experience of road builders and managers benefits others who need advice.

It provides a moderated forum for discussion of questions in the industry sectors of bituminous asphalt, portland cement concrete, pavement preservation, milling and recycling, erosion control, subgrade mechanical stabilization, subgrade soil stabilization, and engineering services.

“In road construction, you are an expert on the problem you solved yesterday,” said Andy Pujats, president, “but tomorrow will bring another challenge to your project or your program. And today, other managers are encountering the same problem you just solved. ibuildroads.com brings everyone together as it leverages the experience of its stakeholders for the benefit of road builders, managers and users.”

In addition to interactive industry solutions, the site also provides a resource directory and an exhaustive industry event calendar with links. An opt-in newsletter is distributed. Interpretive case history articles also are provided.

With the introduction of online bidding, contractors and suppliers no longer can gather every month to network and discuss issues of mutual concern. ibuildroads.com bridges that gap via a nationwide network, providing questions, answers and solutions from a “hands on” perspective in an unbiased and educational manner.

Employers can use ibuildroads.com as a training tool for newly hired personnel. “Today’s construction environment requires immediate solutions to everyday problems, and ibuildroads.com has created a network foundation on which industry professionals can draw,” Pujats said. “From the initial bid, to the completion of the job, ibuildroads.com provides timely solutions to and from industry professionals.”

The highway, road and bridge industry continues to evolve, no matter what the application, and ibuildroads.com is growing and evolving to keep pace, Pujats said.

For example, the way industry information is received is transforming rapidly, he said. “Government regulations, mix design changes, new equipment requirements, and enhanced techniques are pushing our industry ahead faster than ever, and stakeholders are looking for information and solutions in real time,” Pujats said. “With the recent addition of the ibuildroads.com mobile apps, users can post photos, questions or answers directly from their smartphones or tablets. They can be in touch with their industry peers while in the field or in the office.”

The ibuildroads.com free mobile apps are available for download, with the Apple app available here, and the Google Android app here.

As it enters its second year, ibuildroads.com will be enhancing its market capabilities, and introducing new features, boosting value to its users and optimizing market opportunities for its clients, Pujats said.

For more information, visit www.ibuildroads.com.

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