Heyl & Patterson Plant Tour

Whether your company is adding new equipment, applying new processes, or simply trying to assess efficiency, Heyl & Patterson’s testing lab can help determine the best available technologies and equipment for your operations. Our experience lab personnel, working in conjunction with our chemical process engineers and clients, can accurately produce scalable results.

Since 1887, Heyl & Patterson Inc. has provided custom-engineered thermal processing equipment that can be used for a number of applications, including the processing of frac sand proppant for the shale gas industry.

Heyl & Patterson’s pilot plant testing laboratory features a rotary dryer, which is the preferred method for drying frac sand, as well as a fluid bed dryer, indirect disc dryer and rotary calciner.

These machines are designed to reach high temperatures that will remove impurities from wet sand, break up any agglomerates, remove moisture and burn off volatiles from many different types of materials.

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