Updated Sand and Gravel Info


May 13, 2013 – USGS just updated its Sand and Gravel information page in the USGS Minerals Yearbook. The data was updated by Wallace P. Bolen, with domestic survey data and tables prepared by Michelle B. Blackwell and Hodan A. Fatah, statistical assistants. Interesting information is available on prices. The 2011 average price increased slightly to $7.43 per metric ton compared with that of 2010. By use, the prices varied from a high of $11.44 per ton for roofing granules to a low of $4.93 per ton for fill (table 4). The largest increases in price were recorded for railroad ballast (31.8 percent); fill (10.2 percent), road base and coverings (5.9 percent), plaster and gunite sands (5.8 percent), and filtration (5.6 percent). Go to this link to read the updated information.

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