Snap-On Education Program Trains, Certifies Technicians

Snap-on’s commitment to technical education and training remains high in 2013 as it continues working with trade schools to develop content that augments its course curriculum. The result is that more than 70 technical schools from across the country now offer specialized Snap-on Certifications in disciplines like torque, diagnostics and vehicle information systems. These innovative new certification programs enable students to broaden their technical skills while enhancing their employability.

The goal of the Snap-on Education Program is to leverage more than 90 years of industry knowledge and tool expertise, developing product certification courses that serve as a significant enhancement to the curricula currently taught in today’s technical classrooms. These certification courses place emphasis on tool use, theory and application – three areas that make students more well-rounded, skilled and proficient on the job. The certifications are not an add-on, but rather are integrated into the existing courses offered by partnering schools.

“Education has been, and will continue to be, a primary focus for Snap-on in 2013 and beyond,” said Andy Ginger, president, Snap-on Industrial. “Snap-on has developed several certification courses that both give students a competitive edge in the skills and knowledge they learn, and also best position them for success as they enter the workforce. We look forward to enhancing our partnership with technical schools to facilitate these courses.”

But the difference is the specific knowledge and training required for certification. For example, technicians completing the torque certification course take their skill and motivation to the next level in fully understanding the intricacies of torque. Being certified in torque gives technicians and their employers the added training and awareness that will pay dividends down the road in higher equipment up-time and reduced maintenance costs.

For more information about the Snap-on Education Program, contact Frederick Brookhouse, senior business and education partnership manager, Snap-on, at 262-656-6043, or email [email protected].


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