Sandvik Selects Power-Gen System for Tertiary Crushers

Sandvik Construction selected Volvo Penta power-generation engines for its new electric-powered track-mounted tertiary crushers.

The new UH450E tertiary crusher was developed by Sandvik in response to market demand and special requests from customers for an electric-powered system. The new-generation UH450E is powered by a Volvo Penta TAD1651GE power-generation engine installed in a soundproof container. The electric power system greatly improves the energy efficiency of the unit.

Low fuel consumption, uptime and the good reputation of Volvo Penta engines were Sandvik’s main reasons for selecting a Volvo Penta engine for the new UH450E crusher.

Volvo Penta’s TAD1651GE engine offers 505 kVA, prime power, and 556 kVA, standby power, at 1,500 rpm. The engine provides low maintenance and fuel-consumption costs for the end users. The engine meets Stage IIIA/Tier 3 emission legislation which provides an environmentally conscious choice.

This project is the latest step in the long-term relationship between Volvo Penta and Sandvik Mining and Construction AB. The two companies signed a cooperation agreement with the goal to enhance the long-term competitiveness of Sandvik’s products.

Volvo Penta also announced the introduction of a new heavy-duty cooling package and new-design cabling harness that will substantially improve the performance of Volvo Penta engines in extremely harsh and dusty working environments.

Coolers and harnesses on machines such as stone crushers and screeners, concrete pumps, air compressors and other off-road equipment are daily put to the test due to vibrations and external forces, as well as the fine stone dust in quarries and mines. With two new enhancements, Volvo Penta aims at further improving engine uptime and eventually minimizing the total cost of ownership for engines working in these difficult environments.

“Our number one priority within this project was to develop a range of radiators suitable for stone crushers and screeners, but the same cooling package can also be used for concrete pumps, air compressors and other off-road construction equipment,” said Johanna Borgudd, product manager, Industrial Engines for Volvo Penta.

The new side-by-side, heavy-duty cooling packages withstand cleaning with high-pressure water, and will be offered as suction- and pusher-type cooling systems available for all heavy-duty radiator units. The D5–D7 packages will be available as a kit including hoses, brackets for engine mounting, pipes, expansion tank and mounting instructions. The D13–D16 packages will be available as a kit including hoses, pipes, expansion tank and mounting instructions. The customer can also choose to have the cooling package transport-mounted from the factory.

Volvo Penta’s new, heavy-duty cable harnesses are based on a new manufacturing technique that uses a split synthetic polyester tubing as cable protection. The tubing, which has a smooth and soft inside, is simply wrapped around the cables. This means that the tubing is completely filled and that the cables inside the tubing are practically immobile, even at high vibrations. The cables are also protected from chafing due to stone dust penetrating the tubing.

The heavy-duty cable harnesses are now standard equipment on all Volvo Penta industrial engines.

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