FlexiROC T30 R Upgraded for Energy, Emissions

Atlas Copco upgraded the popular ROC D3 RRC. This rig now comes with Tier 4 engine emissions and improved diesel consumption. It also takes a natural place in the new naming platform and was re-named the FlexiROC T30 R. This radio remote drill rig is one of the safest, most efficient drill rigs in its class, according to the company.

The FlexiROC T30 R is a tophammer drill rig designed for a wide range of drilling applications. Extended boom coverage of 5,200 mm through an 80-degree radius saves contractors time and money with more holes from fewer set-ups. Automatic RPM reduction, adjustable fan speeds and Tier 4 emissions offer further savings and improved efficiency.

Designed for small yet demanding construction and quarry jobs, the rig’s low center of gravity and high ground clearance provide rugged mobility on the most challenging terrain. Powerful enough to drill into very hard rock, it’s versatility makes FlexiROC T30 R a suitable choice for specialist tasks such as self-drilling anchors and boulder blasting.

Radio remote control comes as standard, allowing the operator full control of the rig from a safe working distance – ideal for work on confined sites or unstable terrain.

Its compact size means the FlexiROC T30 R can easily be transported from job to job, allowing contractors to maximize on the availability of their investment, said Mats Birkestål, product manager, Atlas Copco Surface Drilling.

Atlas Copco, www.atlascopco.com


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