BTI Rockbreaker Offers Major Breaker Impact Force

Breaker Technology Inc. offers the TRX64 rockbreaker system. Weighing more than 110,000 lb., this system combines a reach of 64 ft. and a breaker impact force of 12,000 ft.-lb., with the tested reliability of our existing product range.

The TRX Series booms range in length from 48 to 64 ft. carrying breakers from 8,500 to 20,000 ft.-lb. classes, depending on reach.

The TRX64 represents the 2,000th system produced, what the company calls “a clear milestone in our commitment to providing the best in rock breaking boom system technology.”

BTI’s model range of Rockbreaker boom systems can cover any breaking application – from a 12-ft. plant-mounted system on a mobile crusher to a 64-ft. system with the new TRX64 – and everything in between.

Breaker Technology Inc.,


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