Rockmore Brings the Hammer Down

Rockmore International added to its ROK series DTH hammer product line – the ROK 600A and 650A. This new A Series DTH hammer line will be officially released this month at BAUMA Munich.

The 600A and 650A are 6-in. class DTH hammers that are the first models in the newly emerging A Class hammer range from Rockmore. The A hammers feature new component designs that demonstrate better performance and penetration rates suited to smaller compressors. The more efficient use of compressed air translates to lower air consumption, which leads to lower costs.

“We are committed to developing new DTH hammer solutions that increase productivity and reduce drilling operating costs,” said Pejman Eghdami, executive vice president of Rockmore International. “Our new A Series line incorporates technological advancements that allow the hammers to be compatible with a wider range of compressors. This has been achieved by lowering air consumption rates and instilling higher efficiency levels.”

The piston and wear sleeve components have been re-designed to increase airflow efficiency at lower air volumes for the hammer cycle. This modification has resulted in air consumption to drop to 962 scfm (26.5 m3/min) at 350 psi (24.1 bar) while increasing penetration rates and further improving productivity and performance. Thus, smaller compressors rated less than 1,000 scfm that are common on many drill rigs, may now be utilized with the A Series DTH hammers to reach the hammers’ peak performance.

In addition, larger air compressors may be regulated back to lower settings when running the A hammers, without experiencing loss in penetration rates. Such lower compressor settings translate to lower fuel usage and reduced operating costs.

The new 6-in. A Series hammers are targeted for DTH bits to drill from 6.1 to 7.0 in. (155 to 178 mm) in mining, construction, quarry and water-well applications. Impact power is generated from a solid piston design that is made from advanced materials then case hardened, combining high strength with supreme wear resistance.

The high frequency, reciprocating piston is engineered to strike the bit with maximum force. An innovative new design philosophy, unique to Rockmore hammers, reduces the number of hammer components, therefore reducing the amount of component wear points and making hammer service simpler and less expensive.

As with all of Rockmore’s DTH hammers, the A Series DTH hammers take full advantage of the patented Rockmore SonicFlow technology, which optimizes airflow by simplifying and streamlining the air paths to minimize backflow and turbulence – delivering more energy to the piston. Both the 600A and the heavy duty 650A version will be offered in various thread connections with optional back reaming button inserts on the top sub to increase component life.

Rockmore International,

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