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Secondary Cleaning Systems Use Steel/Tungsten Blades

Argonics is now offering versions of its Eraser DS and XTC systems for use with high-temperature materials. These new systems feature an all-steel blade with a tungsten tip, replacing the polyurethane and tungsten version.

Argonics’ DS and XTC systems have supported bulk material handling customers for years with superior secondary cleaning. The new all steel/tungsten blade option meets a growing demand for maximum cleaning in high heat applications or any application where all residue and carryback must be eliminated from the conveyor belt.

The tungsten blade concept came as a direct response to the company’s expanding customer base of conveyor users who are searching for superior cleaning when transporting high-temperature bulk materials such as asphalt, clinker/high-temperature ash, and material processed using aggregate dryers. Field-tested and proven effective in asphalt plant applications, this cleaner can now be used with material at temperatures up to 400 F/204 C on the conveyor.

According to Bob Welker, business development manager at Argonics, “The tungsten blade fills a gap in our ability to meet demand in the high temperature belt cleaning category. We need to meet the demands of our expanding distributor network with a full product line. The all-steel system with tungsten blade fills this void.”

This redesigned steel/tungsten system extends conveyor belt life and lowers maintenance costs and potential for downtime. Even in high temperature environments, customers utilizing the product can eliminate common conveyor carryback problems, such as conveyor belt misalignment or material build up. The cleaner is easy to install and allows for fast, efficient blade change out, thereby reducing downtime.

The Tungsten Cleaning Blade is bolted to an all-steel mainframe for strength and durability. The system comes with a plastic shield to further dispose of carryback and remove final residue.

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