Face Pattern System Features Display Interface

Oldenburg Mining has introduced a new face pattern system with an intuitive display interface that makes it easier for operators to execute drill patterns. Operators can program drill patterns into the ADS- 500 system and utilize advanced hole location and auto depth technology to drill faces out accurately.

“The ADS-500 gives operators a more accurate and user-friendly face pattern system,” said John Howard, general manager at Oldenburg Mining. “It puts operators in complete control, enabling them to produce reliable, repetitive pulls on every face, every time.”

The ADS-500, available for both single and twin boom drill jumbos, features a large LCD display system; an optional auto depth control feature with auto retract; programmable hole angles for use with both burn and V-cut rounds; and mine-duty sensors, wiring and components.

Oldenburg Mining, www.oldenburggroup.com

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