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Cemex Presents Cemex Go Developer Center

Cemex, S.A.B. de C.V. introduced the Cemex Go Developer Center, a digital platform designed to enable users to connect with different entities in the industry, accelerate their evolution and promote new business models, while allowing the possibility of reducing costs and accelerating time for the development of new digital capabilities for each of its customers.

The Cemex Go Developer Center will facilitate the connectivity of Cemex processes with customers through digital platforms and application programming interfaces (APIs), which will also enable the direct management of orders for materials or services, the development of alliances with commercial partners, and the use of public information from Cemex that allows other companies to integrate their digital offers.

In addition, subscribers will have real-time access to information about what is happening with its products and services, as well as the ability to carry out administrative processes at any time, such as ordering invoices, registering new locations for construction projects, and requesting quotes, among others.

Cemex Go covers the full customer journey. With Cemex Go, customers can place orders, review their history of transactions, track their shipments real-time via GPS, receive instant notifications of their order status, adjust their orders, and enjoy full visibility and transparency of all the information they need to better manage their business, doing in minutes what historically has taken them hours.

“Cemex Go Developer Center is the natural next step in the successful advancement of our digital platform, after reaching more than 30,000 clients in all of the countries in which we operate,” said Fernando A. González, CEO of Cemex. “Digital ecosystems are changing the traditional parameters that companies use to compete, and this new stage of Cemex Go will enable us to maintain our leadership of the digital transformation of the global construction materials industry.”

The Cemex Go Developer Center is designed to build digital solutions for each of its clients’ businesses through the use of public and private APIs, and is effective as of this month.

Cemex Go is a Cemex R&D, Innovation and Business Development project developed by its global R&D collaboration network, headed by Cemex Research Centers, based in Switzerland.

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