Air Cannon System

The Big Blaster Category 5 Hurricane Air Cannon System is a multi-valve air cannon solution that provides up to five application points utilizing a single 60-gal. reservoir. The system helps protect components and workers from hazardous environments and improves flow efficiency, delivering unsurpassed flexibility and durability. Efficient material flow is maintained with a design that operates proficiently at five application points from a single air source, requiring fewer parts and less maintenance. The five independent valves are housed within a single tank. If one valve requires service, the multiple-valve air cannon system continues to function in nearly all cases, improving reliability. The unit has an operating range of 40-150 psi. Output force and duration range are adjustable through the integration of urethane bumpers to fine-tune the length of the piston stroke to reduce or increase the force of the air blast. Flexible hose is available in maximum 36-in. sections, and valves are available in both imperial and metric measurements, with tanks manufactured to local code. The system is suitable for use wherever traditional single valve/tank assemblies are installed.

Martin Engineering,