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Geo-Fencing Technology

The newest version of smartZones – an enhanced GPS-based technology that allows fleet managers to draw boundaries around customized regions for easier fleet administration and safety monitoring – is available from inthinc Technology Solutions. smartZones enables fleet managers to assign specific attributes within a created zone that map to their companies’ safety policies including speed limits, seat belt use and aggressive driving. The technology is a standard feature of the inthinc waySmart and inthinc tiwiPro solutions. Managers can customize a variety of safety attributes: Caution Area Alert – alert drivers when they are approaching a hazardous area; Zone Arrival/Departure Alerts – notified when drivers enter or exit a defined zone; and Driver Behavior Alerts – receive safety alerts for hard turns, hard breaking or hard dips. There are also alerts for speeding and seatbelt use. Furthermore, fleet managers can create smartZone boundaries using a free-form drawing tool without being constrained by having to work with only circles or square shapes.

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