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Amphibious Excavator

The REMU Big Float amphibious excavator is designed for operation in marshland and shallow-water areas, where working a traditional excavator may be dangerous or impossible. The working unit of the Big Float is an 11-, 14- or 21-ton standard tracked excavator with outreach of 16, 12 or 10 m, respectively. It is possible to equip the machine with all the customary work attachments of an excavator. The standard backhoe bucket of 800/600 liters has drain holes for water. As an option on the machines, it is possible to attach additional pontoons and hydraulically operated support outriggers to the sides of the pontoons. The machine is able to travel from the transport platform to the work site on its tracks, without the need of a crane. Loading or unloading the excavator takes only half an hour and is fully operational upon unloading. Under favorable conditions the machine can also be transported in the water by towing.
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