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Slide Gate

Vortex’s patented HDP Slide Gate has been a proven solution for a wide variety of applications for handling sticky and/or abrasive powders in systems with positive pressures up to 75 psig (5 bar). The HDPV2 offers significant enhancements over the original HDP design.

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Circuit Breakers

The W-VACiMB medium voltage vacuum circuit breakers are designed to protect transformers, capacitor banks, motors, busbar sections, and cable. To withstand demanding environmental conditions in mining applications, W-VACiMB breakers are sealed from dust and contaminants and are suitable for high altitude, shock, vibration and high ambient temperatures.

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Tilt Buckets

Dromone tilt buckets can be fitted directly to an excavator or in conjunction with a Quick Coupler. The buckets feature 900-degree bucket rotation (45-degree rotation to the left and right), and are ideally suited for a full range of customer applications that include backfilling, ditch cleaning, grading, land clearing and sloping work/shaving.

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Dust Suppression Unit

The DustBoss DB-100 is engineered specifically to deliver the power to reach the working face of an open cast mine or large quarry. The dust suppressor has a range of more than 100 m, giving it ample reach to cover material stockpiles 200 – 300-ft. high.

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Dust Recovery Hood

A new dust recovery hood for vibrating fluid bed dryers and coolers from The Witte Co. features a proprietary design that allows on-spec particles entrained in the airstream to be captured and gently returned into the process for recovery as finished product.

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