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Recycling Tool

Atlas Copco’s CC 3300 hydraulic CombiCutter features a new box-shape jaw, allowing the recycling rate to be increased for demolition jobs and the recycling process within the crusher to be simplified. The new box-shaped jaws have been designed to significantly streamline the demolition process by cutting the material on three sides simultaneously.

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Flexible Tank Wraps

Powerblanket offers a variety of tank wraps to heat and maintain temperature in large holding tanks. Featuring environmentally friendly, patented GreenHeat Technology, the tank wraps create a barrier of insulated warmth to keep fluids from freezing and viscous materials flowing. Industries utilizing this new technology include oil and gas, mining, dairy, food products and agriculture.

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Tubular Cable Drag Conveyors

CABLEflow Tubular Cable Drag Conveyors operate with reduced clearances and reduced running speeds. Developed by Spiroflow, the new line of CABLEflow conveyors are designed for gentle handling applications and installations requiring conveying in multiple planes. They can transfer friable bulk products from single or multiple in-feed points to single or multiple discharge points with little or no damage.

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3D Machine Control

Topcon Positioning Systems offers a new product to its 3D machine control lineup, a machine-control package for wheel loaders. The new 3D-MC product combines Topcon’s dual mast GPS system with three TS-1 tilt sensors, the rugged, easy to use GX-60 control box, MC-R3 receiver, plus two MC-G3 GPS antennas.

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Tool-Control System

For industries around the world, precise, efficient tool control can mean the difference between project success and failure. With the introduction of the automated Level 5 ATC tool-control system from Snap-on Industrial, advanced digital imaging technology delivers another layer of security in applications that extend from standard jobs to highly controlled, mission-critical functions. In addition to day-to-day issues like inefficient maintenance practices or critical tool breakdown, fore-object damage and maintaining strict foreign-material exclusion procedures pose a whole new level of risk.

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