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Conveyor Guards

EVO Conveyor Guards improve plant safety by keeping workers from getting too close to moving components and pinch points around conveyors. The custom mesh guards keep workers out of danger while still allowing inspection of the conveyor.

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Amphibious Excavator

The REMU Big Float amphibious excavator is designed for operation in marshland and shallow-water areas, where working a traditional excavator may be dangerous or impossible. The working unit of the Big Float is an 11-, 14- or 21-ton standard tracked excavator with outreach of 16, 12 or 10 m, respectively.

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Ripper Bucket

The “Single Pointed Ripper Bucket” (SPRB) from Leading Edge Attachments, is a ripper/bucket combination for excavators and backhoes. It allows the operator to easily rip rock, decomposed granite, limestone, sandstone, caliche, coral shale, asphalt or frozen ground with the maximum breakout force.

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Depth Control System

EZ Dig Pro is a real-time depth-control system for excavators and backhoes. The one-person system uses no stakes or rod readings – operators see information in the cab, while they work. There is no need for the operator to stop digging to place the bucket and dipper stick in the same position each time an accurate reading is desired.

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Initiation System

The DigiShot electronic initiation system is an innovative advance in technology, enabling users to achieve accurate timing benefits of electronic initiation systems with robust all-weather surface connectors.

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