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CDE Streamlines Plant for Aggregates Operation

After doubling its sand production in 2017 following the installation of a CDE EvoWash wet processing plant to replace its bucket wheel, Kies- und Quetschwerk Oberbrunn GmbH is continuing to improve its operations by adding a CDE AggMax logwasher, an Infinity screen and new conveyors to its operations.

CDE AggMaxLocated in Gauting, 10 miles south of Munich, Germany, sand and aggregates producer Kies- und Quetschwerk Oberbrunn GmbH ordered a CDE high-tech attrition and scrubbing solution as well as an advanced Infinity screen to maximize the performance of its existing wet processing operations.

Prior to switching to an initial CDE EvoWash wet processing plant in 2017, Kies- und Quetschwerk Oberbrunn GmbH was using a bucket wheel and fines recovery cyclone. However, the company was dealing with issues that prevented it to get the most out of its raw material.

These included the need of continuous maintenance as well as the installation’s limited capacity, which restricted production to a maximum of 35 tonnes of sand per hour if the quality and consistency of the final sand product were to be ensured. The company decided it was time to upgrade its operation in order to double its sand production, which would then be delivered in its totality to a concrete batching plant located next to a new sand washing plant.

Kies- und Quetschwerk Oberbrunn GmbH’s Managing Director Manfred Kirschler said, “When we initially met with from CDE back in 2016, we were ready for a radical upgrade of our operations. We were aware that we were not exploiting fully our reserves of limestone and we wanted a plant that was able to process a lot more sand than the existing 40,000 tonnes per year.

“CDE identified a requirement for a wet processing plant that would be easy to adapt to the layout of the company’s existing plant, and that would be efficient, reliable and economical. Our production has since doubled to 68,000 tonnes of sand per year,” Kirschler said.

Christoph Aubel, CDE ProMan, said, “To adapt to the constraints of the site’s geography, the modular concept as well as the tailor-made design of each piece of equipment produced by CDE meant that an ideal solution for the client could be found without having to make compromises.”

A year after its EvoWash was installed, the company completed the upgrade of its installation by replacing its existing logwasher and screen with new high-tech CDE AggMax logwasher, an Infinity screen and conveyors.

“Our existing log washer and screens have been operating for 40 years now and both sit above the materials silos, which impacts negatively not only on the performance of the old equipment as well as maintenance costs, but also and crucially on the health and safety of our employees. We needed to create better access to the plant with an outside location,” Kirschler said. “Our limestone-based raw material comes from an existing sand and gravel pit beside the plant and it was essential for us to be prepared for the possibility that the quality of the feed material may decrease in the future. Upgrading our wet processing plant now to immediately ensure better results made sense.

“The EvoWash system convinced us that the modular approach is best adapted to our site’s requirements in terms of footprint and other specificities. For instance, our existing screens are located in a building, which makes access difficult for larger maintenance requirements. This impacts not only on the performance of the screens but also and crucially on the health and safety of our employees,” Kirschler said.

The new comprehensive CDE solution was designed to accept 200 tph of limestone feed to produce 0-4 mm (30% of the production), 4-8 mm, 8-16 mm and 16-32 mm (50% of the production) and 32/X will be crushed (20% of the production). The entirety of the processed material will be delivered to the HeidelbergCement batching plant located right beside the customer’s site. The expected tonnage per year is more than 200,000 tonnes.