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McLanahan’s MAX Screens Extend Wear Life

In today’s markets, producers are searching for solutions to satisfy a broad scope of issues, issues they confront on a daily basis. McLanahan MAX Screens continue to resolve and overcome many of the issues commonly associated with inclined and horizontal screens.

H Series MAX ScreenMcLanahan’s horizontal triple shaft screens, known as the H-Series MAX Screen line, offer unique features that extend wear life, increase efficiency and provide a significant improvement from a maintenance perspective.

The McLanahan H-Series MAX Screen is an essential component within the processing system. Horizontal screens, such as the H-Series MAX Screen, are often referred to as the “cash box” because once the screen has properly classified the product, it is now as good as cash. McLanahan has a highly-focused team of engineers, sales and service personnel who understand screens, their purpose in the system and how they affect your bottom line.

The McLanahan H-Series MAX Screen offers distinctive benefits to producers that include:

  • Rugged screen body design with high-strength steel side plates, laminated for strength in all key areas, including tension bolt take-up locations for optimum media performance. 
  • Weld-free side plates and reinforced deck frames assembled with HUCKBOLT fasteners to form a highly durable screen basket.
  • Deck frames designed with single crown for media tensioning, and cross members to accommodate 48-in. panels of popular woven wire media or side-tensioned urethane.
  • Bolt-on feed box and discharge lips lined with abrasion-resistant steel, and equipped with wear guards to protect bolt heads for prolonged operation. Customization is a special order option. 
  • The vibratory mechanism is comprised of three high-strength steel shafts in thick wall shaft tubes, timing gears, spherical roller bearings and eccentric weights.
  • The mechanism is oil lubricated with a typical cascade system, allowing the oil to flow through the bearings, keeping them well lubricated during operation.  
  • A patent-pending method was incorporated into the mechanism to maintain the bearings in an oil bath, which provides for instantaneous lubrication at startup eliminating dry bearings throughout the year.
  • A drip shield is positioned over the shaft seal on the gear case to enhance the ability of the seal to keep oil in and water out.   
  • Coil spring suspension is reliable and cost-effective, as well as positioned to best suit replacement of competitive screens with jack pads incorporated for ease of maintenance.
  • Snubber design is an inexpensive means to effectively dampen screen motion at shutdown. These snubbers are long-lasting, self-adjusting and located in the spring mounts.
  • Access to tension bolts near the mechanism and spring mounts is a time-saving feature and an improvement over competitive models.
  • Optional end tension decks not only enable the use of harp wire, but also improve product quality by providing a means to keep the high tensioned panels from distorting.

McLanahan’s triple shaft horizontal screen provides the fully adjustable oval stroke technology that is standard across the industry. The McLanahan H-Series MAX Screen provides every producer with advantages that will improve productivity and efficiency, all having a positive effect on your profitability.    

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