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Weir Minerals Delta Industrial Knife Gate Valves Offer Zero Leaks

External leaks from valves during valve cycling are common problems for plant operators around the world. These leaks can have disastrous consequences, contaminating the environment and endangering workers with hazardous materials, resulting in major down time for the company.

Delta Industrial knife gate valves can guarantee plant operators in difficult process applications, zero leakage, John Abbott, Weir Minerals global product manager for valves confirms. “This isolation is very important because it ensures safe and consistent plant operation, minimises downtime and provides lowest total ownership cost,” he said.

“Our customers can install Delta Industrial valves into problem areas secure in the knowledge that they will achieve long-term performance with exceptional isolation results, protecting their people, their plant and their environment,” Abbott continued. Protecting the environment and ensuring hazardous materials do not harm workers is of prime importance for every site around the world.

Weir Minerals Delta Industrial guided shear gate valves are designed to repeatedly close and provide bi-directional zero leakage isolation no matter what the process fluid may contain.

“Our knife gate valves guarantee no process will come past the closed valve, even abrasive slurry or when operating under high temperatures,” Abbott stated. “This is a significant feature of the Delta Industrial valves and one which provides numerous important benefits to the customer.”

Not all knife gate valves are the same; many allow for leakages that can leave plant operators exasperated. When asked what makes Delta Industrial knife gate valves different from many others on the market, Abbott replied, “Their construction provides a zero leakage guarantee to external environments due to their unique transverse seal design, couple this with Delta Industrial’s long history in the design and production of valves, it consistently proves to be one of the highest performing valves in these heavy duty applications.”

The Delta Industrial valve is designed to work in severe service applications, providing customers from a range of sectors, superior performance at high pressures. They are currently utilized in many industries, such as oil sands and mining.

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