Superior Swing Axle TeleStacker Modified for Faster Setup

Superior Industries’ engineers cut major setup time required to transition a Swing Axle TeleStacker Conveyor from transport to radial positions. The new Swing Axle XTP TeleStacker Conveyor shifts from road to radial mode in just five to 10 minutes. That is compared to 45 to 60 minutes for the original model, a design still common to competitive swing axle telescopic conveyors.

Three key design features characterize the next generation Swing Axle XTP.

  • To engage the stacker’s power travel, chains and sprockets are replaced with a pre-installed t-handle mechanism. While the chain and sprocket arrangement takes up to 30 minutes to install, requires maintenance and can be tricky to guard, the new power travel system takes just seconds to engage and needs no maintenance or guarding.
  • The new axle design requires fewer link arms during both transport and operational modes. This modification again helps to reduce setup time.
  • The addition of a pivoting walking beam allows for true wheel alignment during radial travel. Poor alignment results in tire scuffing and can even cause a conveyor’s feed point to shift out of position.

First generation Swing Axle models can be retrofitted with the new Swing Axle XTP. The company also builds models for highly portable applications, extreme capacities, highly mobile terminals and applications that require tracked travel capabilities.

Superior Industries,