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Dieselcraft Centrifuges Have Debris-Holding Capacity

Dieselcraft centrifuges have more than five times the debris-holding capacity of any filters on the market, according to the manufacturer. This is because the centrifuge removes contaminants from the oil flow all together. Filters take out solids and hold them from circulating further but plug and reduce oil flow and eventually reach the point of not working. The cleaning efficiency remains constant in a centrifuge where in a filter it drops off as the filter plugs.

DieselcraftWith Dieselcraft centrifuges extending drains doesn’t mean a few extra hours between oil changes. It means multiplying your current interval by two, three – even four times – all while protecting your engine better than ever before.

The Model 500 centrifuge is designed with the CAT 3500 engine in mind. Dieselcraft offers two mounting options to fit any application. Dieselcraft has many testimonials and third-party test results to document the savings.