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Hardface Technologies Introduces Reactive Core Technology

Hardface Technologies, a Cleveland-based manufacturer of industrial hardface and wear-resistant products, introduced Reactive Core Technology (RCT), an exclusive blend of “reactors” in the core of Postle tubular wires and tubular electrodes for hardfacing.

During the application of hardfacing, components in the core of the welding wire or electrode require energy to react and melt together to form the hardfacing alloy. Reactive Core Technology in Postle welding products ensures a controlled reaction between alloys and other elements. The result is improved weldability and a stronger arc transfer.

Reactive Core Technology promotes the distribution of alloy ingredients to improve the microstructure of the finished hardface product. RCT also promotes carbide formation and refines grain structures to deliver optimum wear properties.

Hardface Technologies, a unit of Postle Industries, designs and manufactures a broad range of hardfacing wires, electrodes, and compounds that are used worldwide in thousands of industrial applications.

Hardface Technologies,