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Bar’s Leaks Introduces Professional-Strength Hydraulic Seal

Hydraulic fluid leaks can cost your business time and money, and can have a negative impact on the environment. Fortunately, there’s a new chemical stop leak product you can recommend that seals existing leaks before they can cause extensive equipment downtime or damage and prevents new ones from forming.

Hydraulic SealBar’s Leaks has introduced Hydraulic Seal (P/N H60), a professional-grade formula to repair leaks, reduce friction and wear, and renew seals and O-rings in hydraulic systems. It’s designed to work in trucks, tractors, construction and agricultural equipment, as well as industrial applications.

Hydraulic systems work under extreme conditions and over time, hydraulic seals and O-rings tend to dry out and shrink. This can cause fluid leaks that require continual topping-off and may cause the system to run low on hydraulic fluid, resulting in possible system damage.

“Even the smallest hydraulic fluid leak can lead to premature machinery failure, safety issues or costly maintenance bills,” said Clay Parks, vice president of development for Bar’s Leaks. “Bar’s Leaks Hydraulic Seal Stop Leak and Conditioner reconditions and restores hard, brittle and worn out seals, O-rings and gaskets to reduce and prevent internal and external leaks during operation, which extends equipment service life.”

Developed for both low- and high-pressure hydraulic systems in agricultural, commercial, construction and industrial applications, Hydraulic Seal Stop Leak and Conditioner contains a premium high-quality durable field-proven zinc-based additive package along with viscosity modifiers to restore thermal stability and anti-wear additives in the hydraulic system.

Reduced wear also reduces contamination, heat and downtime, while also improving equipment and fluid life. Additional rust and oxidation inhibitors provide stability improvements, which reduces the formation of sludge, varnish and acids to keep the system clean.

Bar’s Leaks Hydraulic Seal works with 32, 46, 68 and all other petroleum and synthetic hydraulic fluids, pump seals, control valve seals, actuators, rams, cylinders, O-ring boss fittings and hydrostatic transmissions.

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