Stockpile Reports iPhone App for Spot-Checking Deliveries

One powerful and often overlooked benefit of the stockpile inventory iPhone app from Stockpile Reports is the ability to spot-check inbound and outbound deliveries and orders.

The ability to spot-check enables companies to hold vendors accountable for the products they’re delivering and employees accountable for taking frequent measurements to aid in dispute resolution. An employee can quickly measure a newly delivered stockpile of inventory to ensure that the amount ordered was the amount received. They can do so in tight or restricted spaces, and they can take measurements without jeopardizing their safety.

Stockpile inventory measurements are time-stamped and the location is saved. All measurements are archived so they can be used for dispute resolution should problems arise. Companies are able to quickly pull up any stockpile volume reports via the online dashboard allowing them to quickly resolve issues with data-backed information.

Because anyone with an iPhone can take stockpile inventory measurements, companies can expect the following benefits in addition to spot-checking orders:

  • More frequent inventory counts.
  • Shorten your inventory measurement time significantly.
  • Improve your worksite safety exponentially.
  • Easily measure in tight or restricted spaces.
  • Spot-check deliveries for dispute resolution.
  • Save time and money.
  • Better understanding of the impact of weather and seasons on your inventory.

If you would like to try the iPhone app, Stockpile Reports will walk you through use cases and set you up with a stockpile management subscription to get started.

Stockpile Reports,