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Tenna Launches the TennaGO Tracker

Tenna, a technology company that was built by contractors for contractors to enable them to find more value across their inventory of equipment, vehicles and physical assets promoted its new cellular GPS tracking product, the TennaGO, at The World of Asphalt and AGG1 shows.

Ideal for tracking heavy equipment and machines that provide power sources, the TennaGO cellular trackers provide precise GPS tracking and management for high-value heavy yellow iron machines. TennaGO cellular trackers use IoT technology to connect equipment to the Tenna App on a mobile device for autonomous real-time tracking and monitoring.

“This is our second time at World of Asphalt and after feedback from asphalt, highway and street contractors, I believe that we are innovating to meet the growing needs of these contractors who realize how tracking technology can help them achieve their business goals. The future of the construction industry is one that is adoptive of new technologies. We will continue to develop products and solutions that address the equipment and tool tracking challenges faced in the field,” said Austin Conti, CEO and founder of Tenna.

With TennaGO customers see location, asset details, use history, maintenance records and can manage assets from anywhere with Tenna’s mobile web interface. This device includes multiple sensors to effectively and accurately detect and relay the asset data that managers want to see. This helps companies reduce costs, save valuable time and generate meaningful data to improve their equipment management and operations processes.