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Hitachi Delivers Workhorse with the ZW180-6 Loader

With the addition of the updated ZW180 to its Dash-6 line-up of mid-sized wheel loaders, Hitachi Construction Machinery Loaders America has claimed a place among premium production machines for top tier construction contractors, farm operations and infrastructure fleets.

Hitachi developed the Dash-6 Series to compete with the industry’s most productive and durable equipment brands. Designed to serve as a true workhorse in loader applications, the ZW180-6 loader is built to stand-up to long hard-working days while adapting seamlessly to a full range of varied loader tasks.

Weighing in at 32,100 lb., the ZW180-6 delivers 26,530 lb. of breakout force, powered by a Cummins 200-hp Tier 4F QSB6.7 engine. Customers are offered a choice of a 3.4-yd. general-purpose bucket or a 4.2-yd. material handling bucket. Able to lift as much as 3,000 lb., the ZW180 can reach loading heights up to 12.9 ft.

A key element in the ZW180-6’s design for versatility is Hitachi’s new Power Mode switch, conveniently mounted on the steering joystick. A touch of the Power Mode switch gives the operator immediate access to additional rim-pull and breakout force for digging into heavy piles or for climbing grades while carrying a full load. Available in any auto and manual ranges, the switch to Power Mode instantly produces a 10% burst in engine rpm. The Power Mode allows faster acceleration without limiting the loader’s top speed on flat runs. The extra power also boosts hydraulic flow to allow quicker bucket lifts for faster cycle times.

The ZW180-6 also features an automatic power-up function, which responsively increases engine rpm anytime the loader slows down due to travel on an uphill grade. Front and rear limited-slip differential with “positraction” keep the loader moving forward, even in the toughest ground conditions.

Features designed into the Dash-6 models also focus on helping the best operators get the best from their machine. The ZW180-6 targets the needs of operators with popular smart technology including ride control, telematics, auto power-up, and an operator-friendly LCD color monitor. The cab is fully fitted out for the operator’s creature comforts and convenience including automatic A/C, excellent ventilation and a new sound system with roof-mounted speakers. The compartment is sealed airtight and pressurized to keep out dust and dirt.

Hitachi Construction Machinery Loaders America Inc.,