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Volvo Tooth System Features Higher Penetration

Aimed at Volvo’s larger excavators and wheel loaders, the new generation Volvo Tooth System features higher penetration, longer life – and an easy hammerless fitting system.

Volvo Construction Equipment’s medium and large wheel loaders and excavators now have more to smile about – an all new premium tooth system that not only increases productivity and fuel efficiency, but is also more wear resistant and much easier to fit, thanks to its hammerless pin design.

Offered for Volvo wheel loaders between L60 to L350, and for Volvo excavators from 14-ton capacity up to its largest 95-ton machine, the new tooth system digs deeper and stays sharper for longer.

The low profile design offers greater penetration capability and higher bucket fills, offering quicker cycle times and as much as an extra 20% more penetration over the life of the tooth – boosting productivity and extending effective tooth life.

The design also features a more self-sharpening design, further helping to reduce fuel consumption. Protected welding, stronger adaptor nose and clever design helps give the system added robustness, while the system’s greater durability means longer change intervals and reduced bucket wear.

Because they are designed exclusively for these Volvo machines, the teeth and adaptors are specifically matched to the specification, size and model of machine. Featuring smooth surfaces in critical areas, the new tooth system helps to distribute stress while working.

With the optimum balance of wear protection and weight, the tooth system has been engineered to unlock the potential of these machines – delivering maximum performance, breakout force and uptime.

The ultimate in wear parts, even the best teeth need to be replaced eventually. Changing teeth with Volvo’s latest generation tooth system couldn’t be easier – or faster. A true hammerless system, the teeth feature a unique locking device that includes a reusable locking pin.

Offering excellent fit and retention – and an auto-tightening effect once fitted, the reusable pin locks into place simple by twisting it a quarter turn. Taking just a few minutes, installation couldn’t be simpler – place, push and twist – that’s it.

There are five types of teeth available for the excavators: general purpose, abrasive material and rock, pick point, twin pick and spade nose. There are two adaptor types offered, and also an optional mechanical wear cap available, which fits on the standard adaptor and extends tooth life further.

For wheel loaders there are three types of teeth available: general purpose, abrasive material and rock, along with three types of adaptors.

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