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New Patent: Fresh Air Intake System For Overburden Drills

U.S. Patent No. US 9,770,682 was issued for a fresh air intake system for overburden drills.

Patent.Diagram.fwPatent.chart.fwThis innovative fresh air intake system for overburden drills supplies clean air into the operator’s cab simply, reliably and effectively. Air from the cleanest point accessible for an overburden drill – the top of the mast – is routed through an intake designed to passively accommodate the raising and lowering of the mast.

The system overcomes common maintenance concerns. The primary intake filter is adapted from other applications on site, simplifying inventory and reducing cost. A hydraulically driven, industrial blower supplies air under pressure in amounts sufficient to overcome worn or leaking cab air seals. And, the system can be used independently or in conjunction with a variety of traditional cab air conditioning units.

Respirable dust levels at one site were reduced by more than 80 percent with this system performing flawlessly and requiring minimal maintenance – all contributing to increased drilling efficiencies and an improved operator working environment.

This patented system may also be adaptable to supplying cleaner air to the drill engine and compressor, thereby further improving drilling cost and efficiency.

Source: Blake Allan Massey, Jasper, Ala.