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Self-Contained Hydraulic Crawler Drill

Hütte Bohrtechnik offers a self-contained, fully hydraulic crawler drill rig. Similar in size to its HBR 203 model, the Hütte HBR 202 comes with an onboard electric or diesel motor, without need for a separate power supply.

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Blasting Software Updated

Instantel announced the release of Blastware Version 10.60. The updated software features the addition of TCP/IP Communication Protocol on Series III and Series IV:

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High-Tech Q&A on DTH

Down-The-Hole (DTH) drilling is integral to a successful materials processing. Wolfgang Tronegger, product manager, DTH Surface Drilling, for Sandvik, addressed some questions about drilling operations.

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Diamond Bit Effective in the Hard Ground Conditions

Boart Longyear’s 10UMX bit is a high-performance diamond coring bit with the freest-cutting matrix available, enabling the bit to penetrate the very hardest rock formations in extreme conditions, according to the company.

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Reverse Circulation Kit

Atlas Copco continues to expand its blasthole product offering with the addition of the reverse circulation (RC) kit for the DM45/50 mid-range blasthole drill. Based off proven systems, components and technology, the RC kit is designed to meet the demands of today’s expanding mining market by offering the added dimension of in-pit grade control.

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