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ISEE Needs You

The International Society of Explosives Engineers (ISEE) is now accepting nominations for board of directors seats and annual awards.

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Self-Contained Hydraulic Crawler Drill

Hütte Bohrtechnik offers a self-contained, fully hydraulic crawler drill rig. Similar in size to its HBR 203 model, the Hütte HBR 202 comes with an onboard electric or diesel motor, without need for a separate power supply.

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Diamond Bit Effective in the Hard Ground Conditions

Boart Longyear’s 10UMX bit is a high-performance diamond coring bit with the freest-cutting matrix available, enabling the bit to penetrate the very hardest rock formations in extreme conditions, according to the company.

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Blasting Software Updated

Instantel announced the release of Blastware Version 10.60. The updated software features the addition of TCP/IP Communication Protocol on Series III and Series IV:

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High-Tech Q&A on DTH

Down-The-Hole (DTH) drilling is integral to a successful materials processing. Wolfgang Tronegger, product manager, DTH Surface Drilling, for Sandvik, addressed some questions about drilling operations.

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