Kinshofer Introduces KSB-Series Excavator Hydraulic Breakers

Kinshofer expanded its extensive line of excavator attachments with the addition of the KSB-Series hydraulic breakers. The new line features a monobloc design and other standard elements to increase durability and comfort for operators in construction, demolition and recycling.

KINSHOFER KSB breakerThe KSB-Series encompasses eight models for .5- to 12-ton excavators. The smallest unit, the KSB 1, weighs 155 lb. (70 kg) and can complete 900 to 1,100 blows per minute with 207 ft.-lb. (280 joules) of energy per blow. The KSB 12 is the largest in the series at 1,191 lb. (540 kg) with 600 to 800 blows per minute at 1,696 ft.-lb. (2,300 joules).

“With the addition of the KSB-Series, Kinshofer now has more options to help customers find the attachments that fit the individual needs of their operations,” said Francois Martin, Kinshofer North America general manager. “This line of lightweight breakers gives our customers more versatility with what projects they can take on without sacrificing the quality and safety they’ve come to expect from Kinshofer.”

All models in the KSB-Series are manufactured as a single piece without tie rods – a distinctive monobloc design that makes them extremely resistant to linkage strain during operation. The monobloc design reduces maintenance and increases productivity as well. The breakers are also equipped with an optimized nitrogen inertial energy recovery system.

Like other nitrogen systems, the KSB system increases power to the machine and reduces stress on the excavator arm in hard rock or difficult breaking situations by using energy generated by piston rebound to increase strike power. The main drawback to nitrogen inertial energy recovery systems is the need for frequent refills. However, Kinshofer KSB-Series breakers feature 300% longer nitrogen charge life with the use of special sealing rings on the floating support.

In addition, all KSB-Series models are equipped with operator comfort-enhancing features. All Kinshofer breakers are designed to limit vibration from transmitting to the frame, increasing operator comfort. This design feature also reduces wear on bushings and other excavator components.

The KSB’s monobloc design also reduces noise levels during operation thanks to the sealed casing and soundproofing material.

The low noise level reduces disruption and is ideal for operation on jobsites with strict noise ordinances such as those near hospitals and in urban areas. The breakers are also tapered, improving visibility and safety during use in difficult areas, such as near walls.