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Grease Is Key to Maintaining Your Hydraulic Rockbreaker

When it comes to maintaining your hydraulic rockbreaker, the most important thing you can implement into your routine is lubricating the tool. This preventative maintenance routine can save you time and money, said BTI.

BTIManual greasing of a hydraulic hammer is often a real pain. However, proper lubrication is critical to extending its life. It’s a painstaking but straightforward task to be repeated every two hours of continuous use, or when the tool becomes dry and shiny. Failure to grease regularly will significantly increase wear rates and reduce the lifespan of the tool, bushings and front head components.

How to Grease Your Hydraulic Rockbreaker

Firmly pressing the tool up inside the hydraulic rockbreaker prevents excessive grease from entering the impact chamber. Excessive grease in the chamber will cause a hydraulic lock, which depending on the amount, can cause a lack of power or immediate seal failure and ingression of grease into the hydraulic system when the rockbreaker is fired.

  • The hydraulic hammer must be in a vertical position to grease, with enough down-pressure to push the tool up inside the housing.
  • Grease until clean grease oozes out around the tool and retainer pins.
  • Grease hydraulic hammer after every two hours of continuous use, or when the tool appears shiny where it rides inside the front head.

Remember to use the manufacturer recommended grease. BTI recommends the BTI chisel paste or equivalent to lubricate all its hydraulic rockbreakers. Using general EP purpose grease is not recommended. It will melt and run down the tool, providing inadequate lubrication.

Don’t want to grease your machine manually? BTI offers a number of breaker-mounted and carrier-mounted auto-grease option for most of its rock breaker line, saving you time and effort.

BTI’s Auto Grease System

If you’re tired of losing valuable working time to manually grease the tool, BTI’s auto-grease system will save you time and your investment.

Automated lubrication offers:

  • Constant lubrication.
  • Lube while machine runs.
  • Closed system means no contamination.
  • Extended bushing life.
  • Less downtime.
  • Quick payment on investment.

A provision hole for automatic greasing systems is provided on BTI’s CX8, and all BX and BXR models.