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CEMCO Offers Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher Course

CEMCO President Neil HiseOperators and plant managers of aggregate, rock and mineral mines can learn about the physics of processing materials with vertical shaft impact (VSI) crushers during a two-day course at CEMCO Inc. in Belen, N.M.

“The goal for anyone in this industry is to reduce operating costs and improve the bottom line,” CEMCO President Neil Hise said. “We want to teach people how to do that with VSI crushers so they can be successful.” Hise and other company experts teach participants about the four types of VSI crushers and how each can affect production rates, product quality and profits in specific applications.

They also learn about the physics of processing materials with VSI crushers and every aspect of production, from engineering to welding. The classes highlight topics that are relevant to operators and plant managers’ daily use of the machines. These include lessons on how to adjust the machines’ revolutions-per-minute settings for certain materials to achieve the best possible gradation and efficiency, as well as how to measure horsepower consumption and determine the appropriate levels for certain applications.

Operators and plant managers also get tips on how to reduce wear costs and downtime, increase efficiency and boost profits, as well as learn about best practices for installation, maintenance and safety. They’ll see how the units are assembled and how the internal components are balanced.

As part of the course, students can test their own material in one of CEMCO’s full-size test crushers.

CEMCO offers the two-day course periodically based on demand. More information is available on CEMCO’s website.