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AM Equipment Introduces 240 Series Encoded Motors

AM Equipment, a provider of DC-based motion control systems has introduced a new encoded version of its 240 Series DC gear motor suitable for precision actuation applications.

The new motor has an integrated two-channel encoder that uses a five-volt signal to report speed, direction and incremental position. This allows precise control of movement in applications where motion can be interrupted and rapid recovery is required.

“We developed the encoded 240 Series in direct response to customer demand,” said Will Watson, AM Equipment vice president of marketing. “They liked the reliability and price point of our brushed motors but needed an integrated encoder to ensure precise actuation. The encoded 240 series is ideal for outdoor applications which require a reliable high-torque motor.”

“This could include applications such as vocational trucks, construction, agricultural or aggregates equipment, solar energy farms, and robots. The motor’s low power draw make it particularly suited to battery-powered applications where time between charging can be extended.”

Other key features of the motor include:

  • 12-volt input; 40 Nm output.
  • Bidirectional, single speed.
  • Encoder resolution of 520 pulses per output revolution.
  • Sealed connectors to allow safe operation in dirty environments.
  • Longer brush length and improved compound for longer brush life.
  • Two standard output shaft options: 11-mm diameter with 40-mm flat and 12-mm diameter with 4-mm wide keyway and snap ring groove. Custom shafts are also available.

AM Equipment,