Weir Minerals Offers Warman Froth Pumps

Weir Minerals offers its family of Warman Froth Pumps, specifically designed to handle heavy froth and dense slurries in the flotation process. The pumps were showcased at MINExpo 2012 in Las Vegas.

“No two mining operations are alike. The only commonality is the harsh environment of moving abrasive materials from the ground through a processing facility,” said Geoff Moore, divisional sales and marketing director from Weir Minerals. “Improving mine efficiency and removing more minerals from raw material are challenges mine operators face daily. The Warman Froth Pumps are designed specifically for harsh mining environments.”

A byproduct of the mining process is froth, which is fine particles that combine with air to create a dense material that can bind a standard pump. A stable pump can maintain a consistent flow-rate of raw material through the process, but it has to manage the flow of froth. Too much froth, and the pump can air lock, stopping production.

The Warman Froth Pumps are designed with a large oversized inlet with unique impeller inducer blade that can handle heavy froth and higher viscosity dense slurries with ease.

The cost of operating a mine has steadily increased the last 20 years. As a result, mine operators are investing in products that are higher quality and last significantly longer than previous technology. With its new Material Matters strategy, Weir Minerals focuses on maximizing efficiency and productivity, while maintaining the safety for mine operators in the field.

Weir Minerals,

Product Features:

  • An inducer blade impeller for positive froth feed.
  • Enlarged high efficiency slurry throatbush to maximize the inlet size and reduce NPSH required.
  • Available in various discharge sizes.