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Trailers - Talbert Manufacturing

Talbert Manufacturing offers the new multi-purpose 55-ton Telescopic Trailer and Talbert SSTA (Traveling Axle) 5053 Trailer. The multi-purpose Hydraulic Detach Telescopic Trailer delivers superior adaptability to a variety of loads as its telescopic deck extends from 30- to 50-ft. – offering the advantages of transporting large self-supporting loads such as steel tanks and large generators.

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Diesel Fuel Tanks

The Transcube XT line of high-capacity diesel-fuel tanks delivers an environmentally friendly solution for fuel handling in a number of specialized applications. Conforming to all applicable government regulations, the tanks are legally transportable while full, making them ideal for rapid fuel deployment to remote locations, natural disaster sites and military operations. Standard models in the product line include the TCT100 and TCT200, which offer capacities of 2,450 gal. and 5,000 gal., respectively. Each tank is equipped with four feed and return connections to provide direct plumbing to engines, along with a fuel pump or auxiliary equipment feed. A 2-in. fill pipe, including an overfill prevention valve, is easily accessible on each model for quick refilling of the tank. All ports, pumps, fittings and connections are centrally located in a weatherproof control cabinet, which is housed inside a secondary containment area and secured with a 3-point locking system to prevent theft or tampering.

Diesel Engine-Driven Welding Generator

The Big Blue 450 Duo CST, a dual-operator diesel engine-driven welding generator, features two CST 280 Stick/TIG inverters and 12,000 watts of continuous three-phase power in a single unit.

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Data Logger

The newly designed DT85M Series 3 Data Logger, the result of a partnership between CAS DataLoggers and dataTaker, is specially designed for remote monitoring. The ultra-low power device features an integrated cellular modem for advanced communication options.

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On/Off Road Tires

The X Works XDY commercial truck tire is designed for exceptional traction and wear in on/off road applications, while the new XDY-EX2 tire is Michelin’s most aggressive drive axle tire for extreme operating conditions.

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